Freight Terms & Policies

Freight prepaid structure (state specific)

Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia

$ Amount % Customer pays (Wholesale only) % Gray Metal South Pays
0-1500 100% 0%
1500 & above 0% 100%

**Note** hardware min. $2500.00

Maryland, Virginia, Eastern Tennessee

$ Amount % Customer pays % Gray Metal South pays
0-1500 0100% 0%
1501 and above 0 100


**Note** hardware min. $2500.00

Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, West Virginia

$ Amount % Customer pays % Gray Metal South pays
1-1500 100% 0%
1501 and above 0 100


**Note** hardware min. $3500.00

** All other regions will be handled on an individual basis. Call 910-892-2119 for details.


Broken Box Policy
Gray Metal South, Inc., has a strict policy of shipping in exact box quantities only. For example, if an order is placed for 138 pieces of an item and the item is packed in quantities of 12, Gray Metal South, Inc., will automatically round up to the next even box quantity of 144 pieces. 

Product Return Policy
Please apply the following guidelines to any products requested to be returned for credit:
1. Specialty products made (non-stock items) will not be accepted for return under any circumstances.
2. Standard products will be considered for return if they are returned in the original carton. Management will take into consideration the number of inventory turns the product has in deciding whether they will accept the product back. If cartons are damaged from the outside once placed in the customer warehouse, it will be assumed the damage occurred at the customer location and not as a result of shipping or vendor negligence.  Under these circumstances, product return may be disallowed.
3. Product authorized for return must have a valid return authorization number.
4. A 15% restocking charge will be applied to all returns resulting from excess inventory or customer error in ordering. When Gray Metal South, Inc., has made the error, the return will be handled immediately, and the customer will be given the option of the correct product being shipped replaced.
5. Product shipped that was damaged in transit will be able to be returned and exchanged when reported within 24 hours of receipt.

Shortage/Overage Policy – 48 Hour Rule
Gray Metal South, Inc., requires any shortages or overages be reported within 48 hours of delivery.