“Our history is the foundation of our success”

Company Timeline At A Glance

Atlantic Stamping Company
1st Generation - Circa 1901
Together, brothers Malcolm E. Gray, William H, and Donald D. form the "Atlantic Stamping Comp... read more
Rochester Can Company is founded.
1st Generation
After selling his interest in Atlantic Stamping Co., Malcolm would go on to found Rochester Can Company. ... read more
The 5 day work week is established.
1st Generation
During his lifetime, Malcolm E. Gray was a prolific inventor and held patents on several products; however... read more
William H. Gray & Sons
1st Generation
During the years 1908 thru 1932, Malcolm's brother,
William H. Gray (pictured left)would work as a... read more
Family Photo Shared
Circa 1930's
William H. Gray relaxing at family home on Hurstbourne Road in Rochester, NY.
Gray Metal Products Incorporates
1st and 2nd Generations
William H. Gray, incorporates Gray Metal Products, Inc. with operations at 30 Carlton Street, Ro... read more
Circa 1933
William H. Gray with employees, standing outside of Carlton St.
Family Photo Shared
William J. Gray and Marguerite S. Gray with sons Richard E. Gray Sr. as an infant and older brother William J. Gray... read more
Family Photo Shared
Richard E. Gray Sr. with older brother, William J. Gray Jr.

Family Photo Shared
Circa 1946
Richard E. Gray Sr. (pictured in the middle) with childhood friends in front of family home on Hurstbourne Rd,... read more
Family Photo Shared
Circa 1948
William J. Gray and wife Marguerite S. Gray
(parents of Richard E. Gray Sr.)
Brothers William J. and Donald gain control of GMP.
2nd Generation
Control of Gray Metal Products passes from William H. Gray to sons, William J. Gray (pictured here) and D... read more
William J. Gray
Circa 1950's
William J Gray (Bill) standing outside Carlton St.
Richard E. Gray Sr. envisions full scale manufacturing.
3rd Generation
Richard E, Gray Sr. convinces his father, William J. Gray to purchase a Slear and add on a Coil room to Ca... read more
Original Shear
Circa 1969
The original Shear purchased by Richard E. Gray Sr.
Still in operation today, at Gray Metal Products In... read more
Control passes to 3rd Generation
3rd Generation
William J. Gray passes on and control of Gray Metal Products, Inc. goes to (son) Richard E. Gray Sr. & (da... read more
Carole L. Gray
Circa 1974
Carole L. Gray (left), with long-term employee outside of Carlton Street building.
Richard E. Gray Sr.
Circa 1976
Richard E. Gray Sr. leaning outside Carlton St. building.
Operations are relocated to 166 Norman Street.
Carlton Street location is sold to the Rochester Museum of Natural Science and operations are relocated to an industrial complex... read more
William R. Gray founds Gray Flex Systems.
4th Generation
Gray Flex Systems, a full line flex manufacturer, is founded by William R. Gray, son of Richard E. and Car... read more
William R. is awarded a patent for his Flex duct product.
William R, Gray is awarded his first of many patents related to the HVAC Industry.
Gray Metal expands into the South East.
The Gray family acquires a small competitor by the name of Nova Industries out of West Point, Virginia, reestablishing the compa... read more
Gray Metal Products relocates operations
3rd Generation Operations
In January of 1997,
Gray Metal Products acquires an Industrial Park Complex in Avon, NY... read more
Gray Metal South relocates operations.
The same year,
Gray Metal South's growth necessitates a larger facility.
In April of 1997, Gray Metal South rel... read more
William R. Gray founds Snap-Rite.
4th Generation
Snap-Rite is founded by
William R. Gray, with initial operations out of Coats, North Carolina. In J... read more
February 15
Snap-Rite aquires ADM, a full line HVAC competitor.
Snap-Rite acquires a competitor by the name of Automated Ductwork Manufacturing (ADM) out of Cleveland, Ohio on February 15th, 2... read more
Controlling interest in Gray Metal Products, Inc. is passed on.
Majority interest in Gray Metal Products is passed on to Carole L. Gray after the passing of Richard E. Gray Sr. Carole mainta... read more
Gray Metal South expands
Joseph E. Gray founds
Gray Metal South second location in Humboldt, TN. Grand Opening ceremony is held in 2008, and ded... read more
Humboldt, TN Grand Opening Dedication
Opportunity is defined as “A favorable or advantageous combination of circumstances”. The Gray family has had the good fortu... read more
Where we are today.
Currently, the Gray Family owns and operates 5 separate manufacturing facilities, with distribution in 32 states. The Gray Fami... read more